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Now: The Week Ahead

Now: The Week Ahead

The greenback is back on demand after people are taking shelter in safe haven due to the pessimism on the current situation on the global economy growth. The high possibility of more strict tightening policy as the inflation keep rising has put so many people in distress as this will lead to a terrible recession.

The Federal Reserve is expected to raise more interest rate in the upcoming meeting as it is the only method to contain the current onslaught of the raging inflation. The current situation on the inflation rate has created ton of panic and havoc as many people are preparing for the worst.

Currently European Central Bank will follow the leads of the Federal Reserve by raising their interest rate. It is anything but confirm that the ECB will hike the rate by at least 25-basis points. The main question that people been wondering is on how strict the tightening by ECB will be. Will they go even further than the 25-basis point rate hike.

4 July 2022

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