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Now: Situation Remain the Same

Now: Situation Remain the Same

The situation mostly remains the same as people are still focusing on the inflation rate and also the policy taken by the central banks around the world. Not many catalysts in the market at the moment which has the potential to shake the current sentiments. The market overall quick slow yesterday as US markets is closed due to the Independence Day Holidays.

The few catalysts remain that can shake the current stalemate firstly the politic situation in the UK as the Labour party currently willing to headbutt with Prime Minister Boris Johnson regarding the Brexit legacy at the next election.

Secondly the situation between the Ukraine and Russia still far from over and the agreement on the sanction on Russia export is almost finalise. According to expert, the whole industry in Europe especially in German might collapse as the industry in Europe is relying heavily on the supply of natural gas from Russia.

5 July 2022

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