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Now: Market Sentiment Launch Dollars to the Heavan

Now: Market Sentiment Launch Dollars to the Heavan

Inflation still the main contributor that moving the sentiments and the markets. Yesterday, US Dollar soar against the other major currencies with the exception of the safe-haven asset and the equity market show the opposite movement.

Euro Zone released their data on inflation yesterday that show their CPI figure at 7.4% YoY for April and at the same time UK CPI is at 9% YoY for April. On the North America side, Canada inflation figure show a devastating number of 6.8% for YoY CPI putting a pressure on the economic growth.

With the current situation, people are expecting the central bank to be stricter with their monetary policy in order to curb the growing inflation but at same time need to be careful in order to prevent the side effect of the strict tightening policy that may disturb economy growth.

19 May 2022

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