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Now: Inflation Rate Rising

Now: Inflation Rate Rising

The Crisis Continue
• The inflation rate still the focus of the investors worldwide and it is becoming the mood maker for the entire financial markets.
• The data from the UK’s March Consumer Price Index show that the inflation has risen to the 3 decades high.
• United States’ March Inflation data show that the inflation reaches 11.2% for year over year figure.
Bank of Canada
• BoC decided to rise their interest rate by 50 basis points.
• The rate was previously at 0.5% is now at 1.0%
• They also state that they will start to reduce the account balance sheet from this April 25th as the inflation rate starting to look dangerously high.

Reserve Bank of New Zealand
• RBNZ decide to increase their official cash rate from 1.0% to 1.5%.
• This is result from the inflation rising because of the disruption from the Omicron and Ukraine geopolitics issues.

• German government does not agree to the sanction of the Russian oil by European Union council.
• On other side Moscow state that US and NATO vehicles in which delivering weapons on Ukraine will be consider a legitimate target for military action.

14 April 2022

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