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What is CopyTrading?


Copy Trading is a platform that allows a copier or investor to copy the trades from a more experienced trader (Copy Trade Master) in a real time situation from their own trading account in exchange for a certain percentage of the profit as fee to the Copy Trade Master.

The system will benefit mostly to the new participants in the financial market who are unable to confidently execute their own trading positions or investors who do not have enough time to do analysis on the financial market and do the trading themselves.

Using the Copy Trading system, the investors only need to check the performance consistency of the portfolio and decide either to continue or find a better portfolio. This system will allow investors to earn passive income without concerning themselves with the heavy fluctuation of the financial markets.

What is CopyTrading

How to become a Copy Trade Master?

  1. Log in to your Secure Client’s Area (SCA) or if you are not a client at Avant Markets, you will need to open an account first. Use this link to open an account at Avant Markets.

  2. In the SCA, go to Copy Trading tab and create Master Account by assigning an MT4 account as Master Account or create new MT4 account

  3. Set up your account by completing all the information and details needed

  4. Wait for the notification from Avant Markets.

  5. Trade and enjoy your profit.

Be Copy Trade Maste
Profit Sharing Structure
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Profit Sharing Structure

  1. An Investor invests $1000 to copy a Copy Trade Master and at the end of the day, the fund manager manages to earn $500 from the investment fund.

  2. The profit earned from the investment fund will be split between the Investor and the Copy Trade Master according to the profit-sharing agreement.

  3. If the profit-sharing fee is 10%, 10% of the $500 which is $50 will be given to the Copy Trade Master as fee while the Investor will gain $450 as his profit.

  4. At the end of the day, Investor balance will grow to $1450 from $1000.

How to copy successful Copy Trade Master?

1.       In Avant Markets, all Copy Trade Master will need to disclose all important information regarding their trading performance.

2.       This information is represented in the form of statistics to facilitate investors to analyze which Copy Trade Masters are suitable with their risk appetite.

3.       Investors are allowed to copy more than 1 Copy Trade Master and by doing so they will be able to diversify their investing portfolio

4.       Investors also can change the Copy Trade Master if they feel that the Copy Trade Master risk level is no longer suitable with their risk tolerance level.

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How to copy?
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